Full Disclosure Policy 2020

Full Disclosure Policy 2020

The FULL DISCLOSURE POLICY page enables the public to view, download, and print the Municipal Government’s financial documents to allow all constituents to understand how the local government budgets and spends for public services.

a) It promotes honest, transparent, and orderly management of public funds
b) It helps minimize, if not totally prevent corruption and misuse of public funds
c) It increase the people’s awareness of the available public funds and the allocated amount for development projects in their localities.

LGU Mandates and Functions

  1. Human Resource Management Plan
  2. Citizen’s Charter

Annual Reports

  1. Annual Budget
  2. Annual Precurement Plan or Precurement List
  3. Statement of Debt Service
  4. Statement of Receipts and Expenditures

Quarterly Updates

  1. Statement of Cash Flow
  2. Trust Fund Utilization
  3. Bid Results on Civil Works and Goods and Services
  4. 20% Component of the Internal Revenue Allotment Utilization
  5. Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund Utilization
  6. Manpower Complement
  7. Unliquidated Cash Advances