Ancestral Houses

Ancestral Houses

Ancient Colonial Houses

Colonial Houses dot the town and are present in almost every turn. Some houses have care takers while some convert a part of the house and turned into commercial area.

There is one peculiar house near the town’s plaza, which they say was haunted. No one renting it can stay for too long; either scared out of wits or suffered losses.

Putting those haunting rumors aside, these houses reflected the glory days of the town when coconut was a booming industry during pre-war years.

Three houses are actually heritage sites:

Don Catalino Rodriguez Ancestral House renovated in 1922. Now named, Villa Sariaya.

Governor Natalio Enriquez built in 1931 by architect Andres Luna de San Pedro.

Gala-Rodriguez Ancestral House built in 1935 by architect Juan Nakpil.

These houses are witness to the grand lifestyle that their inhabitants had including friars, political meetings with a president and other prominent figures, the Japanese invasion and guerilla attacks.